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Pursuing Justice Through Service


Today is Tuesday, 17th of October, 2017

Just Employment

Developing employment, brokerage and social enterprise projects for residents to offer experience and integration into community. 


There are groups of people who will struggle to secure employment, facing issues that include generational unemployment, addictions, racial prejudice, minimal education, parenting responsibilities, criminal convictions, and psychological issues.

Just Employment is committed to linking people with training and/or employment out in the market place or creating small businesses for employment. Even being offered the chance to claim recent work experience is a great opportunity for many. Our employment will be mainly providing readiness for work by creating current work experience; this can make all the difference in gaining long-term employment after moving on from our services and into the areas of their capabilities and dreams.

Exclusion from paid employment is one of the issues that creates inequality, as do low hourly rates. Employment is also an important aspect of our identity. Unemployment can isolate people, and for the people we work with, we need to help with their engagement, empowerment and support to feel they are participating in the community.

The current political focus to move people from benefit dependency into employment is to be commended at one level, although the approach disregards barriers to, and a lack of jobs available to many. We want to provide employment with on the job training in a positive environment. Support from wrap around services Anglican Action already offers can help reduce the barriers to employment that already exist for many of the people we journey with.

Some of our social enterprise projects include lawn mowing, yard and property maintenance, car valet service, and working a large strip of farmland into a commercial garden.


If you would like to learn more about social enterprise opportunities please contact: