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Pursuing Justice Through Service


Today is Friday, 28th of February, 2020

Social Justice

The Centre for Social Justice

Part of our challenge from the margins, to an unequal society, is engaging in  the transformation of society. By calling from the flax roots for changes that would genuinely benefit the lives of those we journey alongside.

While we work to support those who are isolated and marginalised through social and economic factors at a one-on-one and whanau level, we also work to challenge the structures in society that render people vulnerable to the situations of dislocation that we see too regularly.

Anglican Action has supported various campaigns calling for social and environmental justice. Challenging homelessness, alcohol proliferation in our communities, pop-up vendors selling synthetic cannabis, discriminatory economic policies, the lack of action on climate change, the increasing degradation of our whenua, awa, and of our at risk endemic species, inequality, and the proliferation of gaming facilities,  campaigning both in Hamilton and across Aotearoa, on behalf of our most vulnerable citizens.

This work includes raising the profile and awareness of the concerns that we share with others. We produce submissions to inform policy makers of the realities we work with on a daily basis. This often entails research and story-telling.  Sometimes it is simply to offer prayer. But as much as anything, the pursuit of justice is about relationship building.


Hamilton Council of Christian Social Services

We seek to build on the strength of our sector through collaboration and community building. We have a proud history of working alongside our partner organisations to do great work in Hamilton. These partners include, Anglican Action, Methodist City Action, Presbyterian Support, Poverty Action Waikato, Catholic Family Support Services, and others. 


Poverty Action Waikato


Poverty Action Waikato is a regionally focused research and advocacy project, previously based at Anglican Action in Te Ara Hou Village, Hamilton. This social change project aims to research the impacts of poverty, inequality and raise public awareness of these impacts and ways of reducing poverty at local community, policy and structural levels of society.

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