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Pursuing Justice Through Service


Today is Wednesday, 25th of April, 2018

Just Neighbours

Anglican Action celebrates the spirituality of life and believes that every sister and brother, known or stranger, of this land or another, is considered to be our neighbour.


Just Neighbours has been formed with the core guiding mission to improve the lives of children and their families around the world by providing them liberation from polio and other preventable diseases and advocate with our global brothers and sisters who have been denied justice or the basic necessities of life. We believe in improving the lives of the children and their families irrespective of ethnic affiliations by providing them Justice through Action. We will be working on supporting the implementation of poverty reduction models during service delivery and in creating pathways to support liberation from polio and poverty.

Some of the projects we have been engaged with include:


If you would like to support our Just Neighbours project or learn more about it please contact