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Pursuing Justice Through Service


Today is Wednesday, 25th of April, 2018

Just Arts

Just Arts seeks to engage with justice stories, histories and issues creatively with the aim of creating space for a shift in consciousness, or of vision, seeking personal liberation. The arts have a long history of this kind of engagement; the communication and expression of values, ideals, self reflection, spiritual/societal critique and illuminating the need healing or recovery. Where words and knowledge may fail to affect the arts often seem to unpredictably find breeches in our walls of resistance, thereby opening new journeys of change that can be struck upon. Exhibited in the cafe, regular art installations are worked on throughout the year to reflect the ongoing journey of action/reflection in becoming more just and the journey of inner change such a pursuit evokes. The installations have been and can be used by various groups as an educational and reflective experience. Exhibitions regularly have workshops and forums with guest speakers alongside them that extrapolate the themes for broader engagement.