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Hamilton Gambling Policies Review

No More Pokies Hamilton

The Hamilton City Council Gambling Policies are currently under review and public submissions are open until this coming Monday, August 12th.
The Gambling Policies are what outline the activities of pokie machines in the city.

“There are 460 pokies in 31 venues in Hamilton.”

“In 2012, nearly $23 million was lost on pokies in Hamilton.”

Our current policy is considered a ‘sinking lid’ policy; that is a policy that sets a limit for the number of pokie machines allowed across the city as being the total that exist at present with restrictions for if a licensed venue moves, shuts down or decides to remove any of their pokie machines, that no new machines will be allowed to replace those lost. Thus the sinking lid policy gradually reduces the number of machines and this will reduce the harm caused by the pokies.

“The Council’s proposed policy is not a true sinking lid.”

The policy isn’t clear and straightforward, there are numerous exemptions which allow venues to merge and transfer machines. This is not a sinking lid policy.

It is time to encourage and support your whanau, colleagues and community to make a submission stating that you would like to see NO EXEMPTIONS in our Gambling Policies. if you feel comfortable speaking on behalf of your submission don’t forget to indicate this on your submission, it means a lot more to council when they hear the views of people directly.

Submissions can be made easily online and information about the policies and the process is available here:

Check out the fact sheet below or visit the Problem Gambling Foundation website for more information about the destructive harm caused by pokies and gambling:

Hamilton Factsheet

Hamilton sinking lid fact sheet


Published: Tuesday, 06th of August, 2013